Girl in the Dark

Book Review – Girl in the Dark

Marion Pauw’s novel $26.75 buy it here on Booktopia “There’s not much difference between transporting a prisoner and moving a load of hogs.” Straight away I was in.  Jail, prison, crime committed, what will that crime be?  Whose lives will be changed? Girl in the Dark is Marion Pauw’s debut American novel and a book released […]

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3 things that you might want to know this week

The news is full of the good, the bad, the ugly and the sad, here are 3 things you might want to know this week. Stop, hammer time and listen…..then read….for an hour…..this Thursday.  How good is that! Permission to read! This Thursday, 20 September, is Australian Reading Hour.  The good folks who started this […]

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Mindbody musings on exercise at 6:07am

Conversation between me and other me this am about the merits of exercising or not…. Let’s face it nobody LIKES exercise, we just love the benefits that come after it. 6.07am Me: shite I can hear those pesky birds means it’s time to get up. Other me: It’s Tuesday you need to do some more […]

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Novatel Wollongong North Beach

Novotel Wollongong North Beach

Novotel Wollongong North Beach needs an upgrade There is a buzz in the air when I arrive at the Novotel North Wollongong.  The sunken lobby bar is filled with School Principals finished with their day of conferencing and ready for the 60’s dress up dinner that’s on later. The Hotel is full and the only […]

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iphone photo editing tips

Editing iphone photos fast

Editing iphone photos fast is not a skill I possess and a good iphone photo is all in the editing.  That much knowledge I do possess. As I go from exercise to school to daycare to coffee, to bashing at the keyboard, hanging out the washing and sorting out dinner, any editing I do has to be fast.  Like […]

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