Why I’m passionate about writing

One minute I was writing in a koala journal, the next I’m a freelance writer. Okay maybe there were a few years in between but it’s proof, if you practice what you’re passionate about it can become your career.  That bit never stops exciting me. Imagine that doing what you love and getting paid for […]

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Four reasons to be excited about the last day of summer

Today is the last day of the Australian summer and I’m excited. Living in central Queensland, summer can seem like it goes on forever. And finally some respite, well kind of… The sun is getting up later and going to bed earlier.  So are the kids. hallelujah. The temperature is going down….a little.  It’s usually […]

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Why I’m passionate about yoga

Like many of my passions,  my third passion yoga, came into my life right when it was supposed to and just when it was needed most.  Which is to say just before I came to the realisation that I am prone to over thinking and I lean seriously towards being a stress head. It was the […]

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My friend Sue

I don’t know whether friends choose you or you choose your friends but I’m really glad I met Sue. This is my friend Sue.   I caught up with her twice last year but before that I wouldn’t have seen her for about five years when we did our Yoga Teacher Training together. But when I sat on my mat next […]

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Why I’m passionate about family

I have to be honest when I sat down to write about family, the first of my seven passions, I struggled.  I mean where do you start?  How can you put into words the magnitude of what your family mean to you? As a kid I think you take family for granted.  Mum and Dad […]

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Theatre review – Travelling North

Sydney Theatre Company  from 10 January – 22 March It was a mission to get to the David Williamson play Travelling North at the Sydney Theatre Company (STC) but I was so glad I’d made the effort.  Full of barbeques, shorty shorts and beautiful blow dries, it was a blast of 70’s Australiana nostalgia mixed with […]

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Red Gerbera

What are your passions?

What are your passions in life? Late last year I got worried that there was nothing I was passionate about. Sure there was stuff I liked but was that the same? I discussed it with my husband. “I’m passionate about my family but what are the other things that really get me fired up and buzzing? […]

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How to beat the post holiday blues

I don’t know about you but for me when the holiday is over and the car pulls into the driveway I start feeling the post holiday blues.  I’m back to reality, routine and regular old life. You unpack the car and all of sudden the house that you tidied before you left looks like World […]

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