10 things to take care of before you move

After six years in the community of Tieri, we are moving to Mudgee.  The removalists are coming, the dog is organised but there’s much more to moving than that. Below are my top tips to take care of before you move.

10 things to take care of before you move

  1.  Redirect your mail – not sure where you’re going to be living?  Get a post box.  You can do it at your local post office and if you’re redirecting your mail from a street address to a box you get six months redirection free!  You can start changing addresses with each provider after you’ve moved.
  2. Disconnect you essential services – Organise to have your phone, internet, electricity, gas and any other services disconnected and reconnected at the new location. If your moving from a remote location there might be more than one electricity supplier and you’ll neeed to choose, same with the phone and internet.
  3. Collect personal records – Collect your families health records from your GP, dentist and any educational records from education providers for  your kids.  It’s always easier to take them with you than request for them to be posted.
  4. Give notice to your landlord – if you’re renting chances are you have to give at least four weeks notice and their maybe be penalties involved with breaking your lease. Can you work your move so you have the least amount of financial penalties?
  5. Change the location on your insurance policies – Make sure you’re covered through out your move, advise your home, contents and car insurance providers of the date you move and where your new home will be.  You might even get a pleasant surprise, your new location might been in a lower risk insurance area!
  6. Embark on a major spring clean – you don’t want to be unpacking and think why did I pack this? Go through each room in your house (and the man shed) and throw things out.  Don’t pack it if you don’t want to unpack it.
  7. Pack!! – Pack room by room and clearly label each box.  Pack a box of things that you’ll need when you first arrive and ask the removalists to pack it last.  Last on first off!!   If you’re lucky enough to have someone packing for you, you’ll still need to dismantle beds, tables, swing sets and take decals, pics etc off walls.
  8. Dismantle – Unplug and defrost fridges and freezers, disconnect computers, printers, flatscreens, dvds, playstation.
  9. Dispose – throw things out that can’t be moved like flammables, aerosols, poisons, open food packets and empty the plant pots that can’t come with you.
  10. Organise accomodation and cleaning – once the movers are gone do you need to clean?  Keep cleaning products and tools to get the job done. No time to clean?? Pay a friend or organise a cleaning service.  And don’t forget if you’re still there after the furniture is not, you’ll need some accommodation.  Organise a night with friends or at a motel.

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