10 top things to do on a rainy weekend

It’s raining. I know right.  What did you do the last time it rained? Oh yeah that’s right you filled one day pretty easily but what did you do for the rest of the weekend?  Here are a few suggestions to get you through your next rainy weekend.

10 top things to do on a rainy weekend

  1. Coffee with your bestie.  Put on your long pants, hoodie and your uggies and pretend like it’s not 30 degrees every other day and get a cup of joe. A cup of caffeine tastes good at the best of times but it tastes so much better on a rainy day.
  2. Do your tax return/s. You’re two years behind in tax returns, put together the spreadsheet of information, gather the group certificates, the statement and the receipts and get those suckers to the accountant asap.
  3. Find a new credit card.  The interest-free period on your credit card is coming to an end and 20% interest is coming.  If you haven’t paid it off yet, find a new credit card with another interest-free period, apply for it and transfer that balance quick smart.
  4. Cook a tasty dessert.  That recipe for peach ricotta tart that’s been sitting on top of the microwave, go get the ingredients and cook it.  Then sit down and watch mindless tv while you eat it. It’s raining you can totally justify the calories.
  5. Eat soup and toast.  Soup just can’t be rushed and it just doesn’t feel right to eat soup when it’s hot but when it rains it’s good to go.
  6. Get out the winter woolies. Find your jumpers, hoodies, trackpants and uggies and put them on.  Be quick about it.  It’s 20 degrees now but it will be 35 degrees again tomorrow!
  7. Get the slip n slide out for the kids.  There’s that weird thing where people don’t want to swim because it’s raining.  What the? Kids love playing in the rain and a bottle of dishwash detergent, the hose and the slip n slide will be a winner
  8. Get the grocery shopping done.  It’s dry inside, you can buy lots of wet weather snacks and comfort food and you won’t have to be running in and out of Woolies all week for last minute meal ingredients.
  9. Catch a movie. Book your tickets on-line before, chances are half of Rockhampton will have the same idea.
  10. Read a book.  Pick up the top book of your 10 high stack and start reading it.  The kids are happy on the Playstation and you’ve almost forgotten what’s it’s like to escape to another reality.

It’s raining, relax, take it easy, it’s a nice to slow down and sloth around.


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