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Capri by Fraser Review

You don’t so much see Capri by Fraser as smell it before you get there.  The distinct smell of flowers and essential oils. Having said that this 7+ months pregnant person almost walked straight into oncoming traffic while taking in this hotel on the corner of Mary and Elizabeth Street, Brisbane. The vertical gardens are […]

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How to walk the dog with windchill

OMG what was I thinking.  I could hear the wind howling around the bedroom windows, the pool furniture being whirled around the backyard.   So what do I decide to do?  Walk outside. Have you heard the expression, ‘takes your breath away’?  Well it’s sooo true. I knew I was in trouble when I could […]

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The cheshire grin and the great big win

This week, there was a little girl with a cheshire grin, who sat by the pool ready to get in. Not a tear could be seen as she sat with her team, ready to swim and eager to get in. There would be nothing unusual (apart from the slightly naff rhyming) about this if it weren’t for the fact […]

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Be scared and do it anyway

Trying new things can be scary but the feeling you get when you come out the other side is amazing and it’s why I highly recommend to be scared and do it anyway. Last weekend, at the Mudgee Readers Festival in New South Wales,  I had the absolute pleasure to sit in front of a real […]

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