R U Ok today?

Today is R U OK? Day and the foundation that does some awesome work for head health (also know as mental health issues) is boldly asking Australia to step up and make a promise to do more for family, friends and workmates. www.ruok.org.au So much has been going on in the world of nickywaywrites, so much […]

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Mother’s shouldn’t bury their sons

Yesterday a good friend had to bury her brother. Worse still her mother buried her son. A mother buried her son. As a mother now myself, writing that sends chills down my spine. I can not even begin to imagine what that feels like. We’ve heard the line before. No parent should ever have to […]

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Capri by Fraser Review

You don’t so much see Capri by Fraser as smell it before you get there.  The distinct smell of flowers and essential oils. Having said that this 7+ months pregnant person almost walked straight into oncoming traffic while taking in this hotel on the corner of Mary and Elizabeth Street, Brisbane. The vertical gardens are […]

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