Tips for back to work mums

I’ve just made it through my first two months at work and probably my first desk job in about five years. Going back to work is a real eye opener for you and for the family.  There’s stress, and tears, smiles and pizza on a Tuesday, BBQ chicken on Thursday when you’ve had enough.  The baby […]

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Piss off the pantry moths

  Out of the corner of my eye I see it.  The flutter of tiny wings. I freeze.  My heart starts racing. Bloody pantry moths, they’re back. Kitchen’s, cooking and cleaning drive me batty at the best of times but pantry moths do my head in. A little while ago, Nicole Avery of Planning with […]

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Painting notes to self

Today I decided to paint the toilet during Hugo’s nap time.  That lead to….oh well he’s still asleep I’ll keep going and painting the whole side of the room including doors and frames. It also lead to me encountering a few little painting ‘notes to self.’  In the interest of a good laugh and maybe […]

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Adventure to Upper Stony Creek

How to get to Upper Stony Creek Ruben, Max and 5 1/2 month old Hugo are off on an adventure to Upper Stony Creek.  After packing the sandwiches, treats, fruit, bottles, formula, baby food and coffee from Lure Living we are finally away.  Only 30 mins late, bonus. Off we go from Yeppoon, past Pacific […]

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View from Novatel North Wollongong

Child free and chomping through Newy and the Gong

Eating a path from Newcastle to Wollongong Not long ago the parentals came to stay and I went to play on a child-free mini break with MM to Newcastle and Wollongong. Whoo Hoo who doesn’t love those! Newcastle, is shaken but not stirred by the odd earthquake.  It is also the place where the 77,000 […]

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How to stop soap scum on the shower screen fast

How to clean soap scum from your shower screen and stop if from coming back again Do you get scummy shower screens from soap scum?  How do you clean yours? Not long ago a really useful thread started on a great local facebook page on how to clean soap scum from your shower screen and […]

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The Blog Reno Part 3

The Blog Reno – Part 3 So by now you know that design for nickywaywrites is changing with a blog reno. Change seems to be the flavour of my year! And the last part of redesigning  your blog is choosing your design and here is the design I went with…         I’m really […]

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R U Ok today?

Today is R U OK? Day and the foundation that does some awesome work for head health (also know as mental health issues) is boldly asking Australia to step up and make a promise to do more for family, friends and workmates. So much has been going on in the world of nickywaywrites, so much […]

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