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R U Ok today?

Today is R U OK? Day and the foundation that does some awesome work for head health (also know as mental health issues) is boldly asking Australia to step up and make a promise to do more for family, friends and workmates. www.ruok.org.au So much has been going on in the world of nickywaywrites, so much […]

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Out of my comfort zone with Wild Women on Top

I arrive for my adventure challenge and I’m greeted by Trek training leader Jo Vartanian.  I’m not sure I’m up for the challenge. It’s cold, a little bit wet and that Point looks like a mountain from here. Then I meet the other Wild Women on Top (WWOT) trekking ladies Michele, Christine, Mary, Karen, Barbara and […]

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Turning 40 and falling apart!

As a girl personal maintenance is never ending.  In order to keep up with mine I had an appointment to keep.  When I arrived I was I was greeted by light gently filtering through copper chiffon curtains, plush tapestry chairs, current magazines and pleasant conversation… No I wasn’t at the beauty therapists or a day spa, […]

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