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I write for love and money and have written for publications, websites, blogs and businesses.

If you’d have a product/service/destination/accommodation that my readers might want to hear about drop me a line here.

If it’s going to be mentioned on nickywaywrites, some of the ways I might share it with my readers might look something like this:

  • A blog, facebook, twitter, instagram post of the product/service/accommodation/destination
  • Link back to the source or product/service/accommodation/destination


I love to meet new people and learn new things and sometimes I share that information or experience in the form of a review.  If I review a product, service, accommodation venue, destination or experience it’s because it’s something that I have experienced myself and that I think my audience would love to know about – good and bad.  Please keep in mind that if it doesn’t fit with the style of the blog and my readers interests it’s not something I’ll review.

nickywaywrites will acknowledge receipt of any products or services we receive and/or review and let the audience know that the products/services have been supplied.

The blog is important part of nickywaywrites social media presence however products/services might not be included in a blog post unless there is a bigger story to tell.  So unfortunately nickywaywrites can’t guarantee a blog post for all samples received.

Like the rules of social media this policy while stable right now reserves the right to change at any stage.


There are opportunities available to advertise on nickywaywrites including side bar advertisements, sponsored posts and sponsored giveaways.  Contact me here if you would like more information.

To send me a product/service/experience/destination to review or to advertise please contact me here.