Mindbody musings on exercise at 6:07am

Conversation between me and other me this am about the merits of exercising or not….

Let’s face it nobody LIKES exercise, we just love the benefits that come after it.


Me: shite I can hear those pesky birds means it’s time to get up.

Other me: It’s Tuesday you need to do some more exercise today if you are going to have a chance at losing those 9 kilos

Me: yes but it’s exhausting, exercise, exercise, exercise there’s no end in sight.

Other me:  you’ve only been exercising for three weeks

Me: yes and it’s been exhausting AND I haven’t lost weight, I’ve gained it.

Other me:  Every heard of muscle weighs more than fat?

Me:  Ever heard of quitting and eating whatever you want?

Other me: Ever heard of quitting whinging and just getting up and doing?  Get up get your exercise clothes on.  More than 40% of people your age are over weight.

Me: do I have to…

Other me: what do you think?

Me: I think I should take a shower get these kids ready for school and go have coffee at #Chapter

Other me: go on then

Me: no I guess I better do it.

SOME TIME LATER, like 9.45am when I finish #junglegym #metafit

Me:  I feel great.  That was an excellent plan of mine to get some exercise in.

Other me:  Rolls eyes.