3 things you might want to know this week

The news is full of the good, the bad, the ugly and the sad, here are 3 things you might want to know this week.

  1. The New York Times published an anonymous letter from an allegedly one of President Trumps Senior administrative staff basically saying he’s crap.  No prizes for guessing Trump’s pissed off and he’s out for blood.  More interestingly is the criticism NY Times is getting for publishing the letter.
  2. Cryptocurrency is being touted as a serious funding contender for Capricorn Coast’s Great Keppel Island redevelopment. Read about it here. Trust it or not? From what I know of crypto, one minute it’s hot and worth thousands and the next it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.
  3. We are a lazy bunch. Seriously. 44.4% of us 18-64-year-olds get not enough or no physical activity.  The National Health Survey 2014-15 figures are:
    • 55.5% of 18-64 year olds participated in sufficient physical activity in the last week (more than 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or more than 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity, or an equivalent combination of both, including walking)
    • Nearly one in three (29.7%) 18-64-year-olds were insufficiently active (less than 150 minutes in the last week) while 14.8% were inactive (no exercise in the last week). These were similar to proportions in 2011-12 (54.5%, 29.4% and 16.0% respectively).*


GET MOVING PEOPLE!! and have a great weekend.  #mindbodyhealth #move #visitcapricorn