3 things that you might want to know this week

3 things that you might want to know this week

Each Sunday night I check my calendar and see what when’s footy practice, which kid needs to go to the doctor got on for the week for me and the kids.  Outside of my little world there’s a lot more happening.  Here’s three that you might find useful.

  1. End of AUS Financial Year this Saturday – Saturday 30 June is the end of the financial year in Australia. If you live in the southern hemisphere it’s time to get your income tax returns ready for the Australian Taxation Office.  There’s still five days to get in and do things like make extra payments to the lower income earning partner in your house (contributions of up to $30,000 p.a. escape any extra tax). Some extra EOFY tips here from Money Magazine.
  2. Amazon.com stop shipping to OZ this Saturday – The powers that be have decided to add GST to all products purchased through Amazon USA so in response Amazon US will stop shipping to Oz addresses from Sunday 1 July. You can still buy through Amazon’s Australian site amazon.com.au but there won’t be anything close to the 480 million or so products that are available on the US site.
  3. School holidays start in AUS Queensland and New South Wales – school holidays in Queensland have started for some and all QLD kids on holidays by the end of next week.  NSW and other Australian states Winter break roll out over the next few weeks.  This means more people on the roads, more expensive accommodation and lots of kids to share the shopping centre with.  You can find the dates of all Australian school holidays here on publicholidays.com.au