3 things to like about school holidays

The school holidays are here and as per each school holidays, I look forward to it with an equal amount of terror and enjoyment so much so I thought I’d sit down and review what I like most.

I work from home and I have a two-year-old I’m lucky enough not to have to ‘go into work’ but it does mean that during school holidays not much ‘work’ gets done unless I have the energy to do it when they’re asleep or watching movies!

While it’s the kids getting a break, I like to think of it as a little mini-break for me too where you get to take the pressure off yourself.

3 Things to like about school holidays

  1. No routine or a different routine – when you don’t have to have three children out of bed by 6.30 to get to school by 8.30am it’s nice to cruise into the day
  2. Some time off work (maybe)* – It’s like a forced vacation.  Three kids to entertain = reduced or no workload.
  3. School holiday meals – I’m excited to say very few meals contain vegetables get eaten during school holidays and lots of non-resistance meals get made.  So my ears aren’t hurting with the cry of ‘we don’t like it.’

*If you are lucky or unlucky as the case may be!