5 things you might have missed last week

Did you know…….

Every week there are millions of pieces of new information shared on line and in print, here are 5 things you might have missed last week.

  1. CA125, a little protein but a big step forward in detecting ovarian cancer early, quickly and cheaply.  This protein has been identified by Professor Ian Jacobs after 29 years of research on early detection of ovarian cancer.  The Professor is currently at the University of NSW (from the UK) working on a simple blood test that could identify the protein and help save the more than 100,000 women around the world who die from ovarian cancer each year.
  2. Happifya new free app that helps quell the negative voice inside your head, calm you down and gets you happy. The blurb says it’s based on science.  I’ve downloaded it, I’m yet to figure it out but stay tuned or should I say, stay happy!
  3. Ransacking Paris by Australian author Patti Miller, is a great new memoir book that was released in time for Mother’s Day.  So great I gave a copy to my mum and my mother-in-law.  Patti, who hails from Wellington near Mudgee NSW, has written more than 2o books and teaches memoir writing at the Australian Writers Centre in Sydney.  One year I will be among the lucky students she takes to Paris each year for the same course.
  4. Happy International Families Day. Same sex parents, single parent families, traditional families, whatever your make up, celebrate your family this Friday on International day of Families.  The United Nations theme this year is; Men in charge. Gender equality and children’s rights in contemporary families.  Every year the UN recognise a number of International Days.  Friday 15 May is one of many.
  5. More than 10,000 people searched Google to find out why Reno Rumble tv show couple, Carlene and Michael were ousted in week one.  The Channel 9 show Reno Rumber pits ex-Channel 7 House Rules contestants against ex Channel 9 The Block contestants. Some are saying there’s no way Channel 9 will let a House Rules team win?!