5 things you might have missed last week #4

Every week there are millions of pieces of new information shared on line and in print, here are 5 things you might have missed last week.


  1. Australia’s skinniest house? Last week in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia a skinny little terrace house, totally unrenovated and 2.85 metres wide (slightly wider than your queen sized bed) sold for $965,000.  The inflated sale price of the house, that is just 38 square metres and last sold in 1981 for $54,000, left auction goers flabbergasted. More proof that the real estate market really has gone mad and #dreamhousewednesday is getting further away.
  2. Gay marriage makes it to Ireland.  The lush green nation is the latest european country to celebrate the acceptance of gay marriage.  In a referendum held over the weekend, an overwhelming 62% of voters supported same sex unions.  A big step forward for the country where until 1993 homosexuality was illegal.
  3. Vivid, the international festival of light music and ideas is currently lighting up Sydney’s skyline with iridescent glow. Vivid started on Friday 22 May and features light sculptures, international music acts and innovative ideas that will blow your mind.  So what are you waiting for?  Jump on a plane and come to Sydney.  Be quick, you’ve only got until 8 June.
  4. Marlena de Blasi’s new book The Umbrian Supper Club is now out  –  Marlena de Blasi tells amazing memoir stories of how she came to live and love in Italy.  The stories are so delightful you feel like your are living in a fairy tale as you read them.  Marlena also tells other people’s stories in such a rich and intricately detailed way that they make you feel like you are there in the room.  Her latest book The Umbrian Super Club is filled with the true stories of four women who meet every week to make meals and share their stories and recipes in the hills of Orvieto.
  5. OMG Rebel Wilson is not 29! Really! who cares!  but I thought it was pretty funny that actress Rebel Wilson of Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect fame, is in fact 35 not 29.  Well not that actually but the fact that it has made international news (well Australia at least).  Really?  Surely a first world problem? Rebel had the last laugh when she tweeted “OMG I’m actually a 100 year old mermaid formerly known as “CC Chalice” ….thanks shady Australian press for your tall poppy syndrome x” Go Rebel.

I’m sure there’s more than five things you might have missed last week, I know I did, but these are just a few I found interesting.  What are the five things you found interesting, amusing, ridiculous, incredible last week?