Adventure to Upper Stony Creek

How to get to Upper Stony Creek

Ruben, Max and 5 1/2 month old Hugo are off on an adventure to Upper Stony Creek.  After packing the sandwiches, treats, fruit, bottles, formula, baby food and coffee from Lure Living we are finally

Upper Stony Creek site map

Upper Stony Creek site map

away.  Only 30 mins late, bonus.

Off we go from Yeppoon, past Pacific Heights and onto to Byfield we go.  Yes, so? not a problem, you say.  Ahh no I say.  I am severely directional challenged.  It’s no secret.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that and laugh about it.   So when I had to find Stony Creek and my best friend, Google maps started to go offline, I went into panic mode. Luckily for me I had one bar of mobile service and so I pumped out a frantic text to Michelle who was already there.  “Do I turn at the sign that say Upper Stony 11 klm or ??”   An anxious 120 second wait, and “yep, we are in the day area” pheeeeew.  Lucky because I figure even if I was lost, I’d have to take these kids bouncing out of their skin in the back seat somewhere, anywhere and call it Stony Creek!

Off we go down the bitumin road that quickly turns to dirt.  Lucky I’m in the four wheel drive not the city car, this road has character and quite a few potholes. We drive and we drive and we drive.  Well not really it’s only about ten minutes but it feels like an eternity of fallen trees and ‘stay out logging in the area’ signs, and ‘am I really on the right road signs’, we finally arrive.


Now I can’t really figure out where to park?  In the two tiny spaces near the tents? that have come up immediately in front of us? or brave it, risk looking like a numpty newbie for  taking a wrong road and take the concrete bridge over the water hole to the other side.

No numptie newbie here, we tumble out of our now dirt brown 4WD and pack the one million things two small boys and a baby need to swim, survive and enjoy three hours in the wild ?  I look around. Not really.  We walk across landscaped picnic lawns across to the amazing glacial, blue-green waterhole and to mums Michelle and Lee.  Their boys are in already.

Things to do

Swimming and picnicking

The water is a glacial temperature too and not many of six boisterous boys we have with spend

Rope swinging into the glacially cool water of Upper Stony Creek waterhole

Rope swinging into the glacially cool water of Upper Stony Creek waterhole

Six little boys and one bubba loved the rock pools of Stony Creek, Byfield, QLD

Six little boys and one bubba loved the rock pools of Stony Creek, Byfield, QLD

long in the water until they’re on the rope swing and then the fall from the rope to the water is inevitable and swift and fun.    The water in the middle is deep and so the noodles and kick boards come in handy for the boys.  I ease myself in from the shallows, determined to say I’ve been in Stony Creek. It’s very fresh! We eat our picnic and watch the boys be boys.  Before you know it an hour or two has passed.  Time for a little adventure.

Rock hopping

Six boys, three adults and one baby in a baby bjorn, walk back across the bridge, along the edge of the camping sites to our right, down the tiny slope to walk and rock hop our way a little further along Stony Creek.  The shallower water-holes, rock slides and great rocks for tossing and skipping provide another hour of entertainment.

Away from the waterhole Upper Stony Creek starts

Away from the waterhole Upper Stony Creek starts


We talk to the other kids who have come down to rock hop.  They’re camping and having a great time.  There’s 14 campsites.  Some are okay for caravans and motorhomes but I doubt they’d like the drive.   All the people camping on this school holiday day are in tents.  Each of the 14 sites has it’s own fire pit.  There’s also electric bbq’s and drop toilets in the picnic area.  The signs say there is ‘non-potable water’ but the websites say boil any water you use for at least ten minutes. It’s about $22 a day per family and you need to book.  Whether you’re coming for the day or to camp make sure you bring rubbish bags.  There are no bins anywhere and some less than dilligent visitors have left their McDonalds bag, meat trays and beer bottles everywhere.

The wrap up

Before we know it, it’s time to drive the 30 minutes back to civilisation.  It’s been an awesome day and before we hit the first bend all three boys are asleep in the back seat and remain that way till we get home.  Ruben and Max are itching to go back and camp.  I’m thinking even Hugo and I might survive and overnight stay.  Especially now my directionally challenged self knows how to get here.


The facts

To camp:  Book online  or phone 13 74 68

To get there from Yeppoon:  Google Maps link here

Map: Upper Stony Creek Site Map

The cost: Camping around $22 per family per night 

Rating: 8/10 awesome, outdoor spot for kids and if the kids are happy so are the parents!