Andy Carbone building landscapes, raising kids and directing films

Life is a busy, beautiful mess of work, film and family for Andy Carbone.

During the day he directs designs for outdoor spaces. In his spare time he pursues his passion for writing and directing short films. It’s a role he gets to play as part of the trio that is Droving Productions. Oh Yeah and did I forget his role with his two little boys Banjo, Tex and his partner Candice Storey. Life is busy.

Romany Lee, Candice Storey and Andy are about to start production on their second short film Shooter.

Andy says for this film they wanted to shine a light on the topic of depression in regional areas and the consequences that a lack of support and understanding has for these communities.

Shooter looks at the relationship between the eldest sun and his father who he realises is becoming increasingly desperate and out of choices.

“Since moving to Sydney I’ve felt, and I think the girls do too, that there is a lack of knowledge about issues and the struggles in the regional areas away from the big cities. That’s how Shooter came about,” Andy said.

Having lived regional life for almost ten years I agree. Life is so busy with FIFO, DIDO, technology/social media intrusions, greater educational expectations and work pressures. Then there’s the constant hunt for quality medical care and services.

Depression is a dark issue and so far Droving Productions films are both quite brave and dark.

Waiting for rain was inspired by something that happened while Andy was working as a stockman in North West QLD. A woman broke down on a remote road, left her car and was found dead three days later. The film builds on that real life event and creates her back story.

“Unfortunately most of us will be affected by depression directly or indirectly at some point.

“Waiting for Rain was our first film and it secured a screening at the coveted Flickerfest, the Australian International Film Festival,” Andy said.

Hopefully for Shooter will be just as successful for the Droving Productions trio.

Shooter starts filming next week in Boorowa, New South Wales and is due to be finished by June/July just in time for submission to short film festival season erupting all over Australia around July.

And filming doesn’t come cheap.

“Our budget is just under $40,000 which is a decent amount of money but it’s never enough.

Droving Productions have just completed a crowd funding campaign through the Australian Cultural Fund which has meant they’ve met 50% of those costs.

“Shooting films outside major cities can be a costly endeavour, we have to get cast and crew out to the area and accommodate them, plus camera gear and wages. Then throw post-production costs on top of that, the whole process isn’t cheap,” Andy said.

“In 2014 nearly 2900 people committed suicide in Australia and of those 2200 of those deaths were male,” he said.

It’s too many. Even one is too many.

Let’s hope that Droving Productions new film starts a conversation that helps stem the tide and reduces depression and suicide in regional areas.

If you would like to find out more about Shooter or you would like to donate, contact Andy, Candice or Romany through their website