Are boys better?

Ruben and his new girlfrient.We’re having a boy and I’m pretty excited. We have one little boy and I think that two little boys would be perfect. Well three boys actually if you count my other half!!

I have all the things that little boys need and I’m getting used to the boisterousness sprinkled with kisses and hugs that is a small growing boy. I have no girl child (except myself) to compare them too, but I have also decided that little boys will be less emotional and less high maintenance than a little girl.

It wasn’t always that way though. When we first found out that Ruben was a boy I was, momentarily, a little disappointed. All the dreams of pink and pretty dresses, dancing lessons and wedding dress shopping, evaporated. In their place I imagined boys in short pants, long pants and button up shirts. Now I couldn’t imagine it any other way. But I can imagine it was very hard for Jodi and Andrew McMahon finding out they were having another boy.

Jodi, featured on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago, despite being happy to be pregnant again, was really upset to find out her sixth child would be a boy. One week later she was fine, but it might have been then that Jodi and hubby Andrew decided they would take matters into their own hands and head to the USA to add a girl to their growing family.

I had tears in my eyes when after seven boys she finally got her longed for girl. Jody is now pregnant with a second daughter. All thanks to American In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and a chromosome check that determined the sex of her embryos. A process that rightly or wrongly Australia has banned.

I’ve already been asked if I’m going back for a girl.

Having a girl scares me a bit..

I think about how prone to tears and emotion girls are, how long they take to get ready, how much they ponder retail purchases, people’s opinions and they need to be right… a lot!

I think of how opinionated they can be, how impractical, how expensive they can be and it makes me think boys are easier.

It can be hard enough to deal with me, how would I go with a girl! I think though, if I was in Jodi’s shoes, wanting a girl as much as she did I might have headed off to the US of A too.

But for now I’m excited as we wait for Max, Oscar, Coen, Hugo or Angus to arrive in August.

As for a third baby, I’m not really sure but what is for sure if I go back for more it will be because I’ve regained my sanity (or lost it?) and we want another baby and either gender will be great!

 Ruben and his new girlfrient.