How to beat the post holiday blues

I don’t know about you but for me when the holiday is over and the car pulls into the driveway I start feeling the post holiday blues.  I’m back to reality, routine and regular old life.

You unpack the car and all of sudden the house that you tidied before you left looks like World War Two has hit. Back to work, school and daily life. You sigh, you’re a bit sad, a bit depressed, where to start? How to deal with this mess and restore order? How to transition from holiday high to regular routine?  Here’s a few tips that might help.

7 tips to help beat post holiday blues

  1.  Get the car unpacked toot sweet.   Put the kids in front of the TV or back in front of the toys they haven’t seen for weeks, put your favourite tunes on, pour a glass of wine or make a cup of coffee and he who helps to unpack like a demon.
  2. Get the house in order. A house with most things in their place is much easier to deal with.  Get the dirty clothes in the machine, get that pile of bags in the centre of the living room sorted into each of the rooms they came from, and move from room to room unpacking.
  3. Cook something easy that everyone loves.  First day back from holidays cook that roast, spag bol or pizza you know everyone will eat without argument.
  4. Start your keep fit NYE resolution.  Get those endorphins kicking, put a lead on the dog and get reacquainted with the neighbourhood.  What’s been happening? Is Mrs Smith still living on the corner.  Go for a walk, head to the pool, get on your bikes and get out of the house.  Say hello to the people you pass and smile the sweet smile of someone who’s happy to be home.
  5. Plan a call in and catch up with friends, family and workmates.  If you’re feeling a bit post-holiday down you can bet your favourite people are too.  Have coffee, lunch, a chat or walk and a good old fashioned gasbag.
  6. Fill the fridge with fresh, healthy food.  Chances are the holidays were filled with treats and holiday food.  Now you’re back fill the fridge with your favourite healthy treats, fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, yoghourts and sneaky block of dark chocolate.  Food that will make you feel good and look better.
  7. Start planning your next break.  Open the high-interested savings account, set a destination and start planning, your next break will come around quicker than you think.  After all Easter is only two months away! (6-9 April)