The Blog Reno Part 1

The blog reno – Part 1

Interiors, clothing and graphic design

Interiors, clothing and graphic design

That’s not Nicky you say and you are right, it’s Shae Irwin of Red Copper Blonde.  She is an agent of change….

Do you ever look in the mirror and think gee I need a change?

A concave bob or some blonde balayage? Slouch pants instead of slacks?  Birkenstocks instead of boots?  Me too.

I’ve been looking in the mirror and thinking I would like longer, darker hair….

No just kidding, well not really. I do want those things but the mirror I’m looking at the moment is my blog design.

A personal blog should be well, personal. It should look and feel like you. You’re the person in personal and I don’t think my blog looks or feels like me anymore. So I’m going to give it a makeover.

To do that I’ve called on graphic designer, long-time friend and founder/owner of interior furnishing, clothing and graphic design company Red Copper Blonde, Shae Irwin. Shae’s helping make me over or make my blog over at least.  Shae and I had a good chat and she gets what I want to do with the blog and she also understands my personality. That’s really important when you’re getting a personal brand designed or redesigned in this case. When you pick a designer they need to understand who you are and what you want to achieve with the redesign of your blog.

These are the first steps I went through to get my redesign happening:

First Steps to redesign your blog

  1. Pick a graphic designer
  2. Write a brief/detailed description of what you’re after. What is a brief? Your aim for the blog, your competitors, blog designs you like etc. Ask the designer if they have a template for a brief, if they don’t have one you can get one off the net quite easily.
  3. Get a quote for the design and check that it includes alterations.

So now I’m off to get my brief written for Shae.

See you on the flip side!