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Book review Your own kind of girl nicky way

Book review Your own kind of girl by Claire Bowditch

Claire Bowditch’s book Your Own Kind of Girl made me laugh and cry. It is very honest and quite raw in its writing.  It would have been challenging to write it, to bring up so many sad memories and uplifting because it lets you remember her sister.  I am a ‘lived experience’ sharer of my time with anxiety and depression and I love reading about other people’s journeys with their head health.  This book said to me, “These years you’ve been working so hard to be well, guess what you are. Anxiety, depression, panic, it’s all okay it’s just part of who you are.” For at least this week, I stopped fighting against and I’m letting it wash over me and letting it go. I was just me. 

Apologies to my gorgeous therapist who’s been telling me that for years with me just going, “Yeh but I just don’t think it works for me!”
I love Claire’s honesty and how the rawness of her journey so far comes out through the pages. It’s a story that many people can connect with. It’s life in all its beauty and struggles. I just loved it! I will take Claire’s FOF and FAFL and use them throughout my journey. I’m so glad you ticked writing this book off your childhood bucket list.
Thank you Claire xx
*I read this book on my iPhone using the Rakuten Kobo app.  You can purchase your copy HERE.