Can a blogger ever be on holidays?

One of the side effects of blogging that I didn’t anticipate is that I feel like I am never on holidays (even though as I write this I am sitting at a table overlooking the waves of the ocean while my sauv blanc slowly disappears). I feel like wherever I go, whatever I’m doing I need to be learning about blogging. If I’m not learning about I’m reading about blogging or I need to BE blogging. If I’m not blogging I feel like I should be writing my book (which i keep starting and stopping).

I feel like I am always on facebook or twitter or instagram or wordpress or email. I put pressure on myself (while violently procrastinating against it) to write every day, even though it doesn’t always happen. There seems to be no respite.

It seems I’m not alone. In the last few weeks I’ve read a heap of posts about disconnecting from the connected world. There are now proliferation of posts on how to switch off, down load, destress and decompress from social media and the connected world. I’m not sure how you do that when your smart phone delivers email to you in a second, and alerts you to how many people are talking to you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to name but a few. There’s always those little blue numbered circles, calling to you – check me, check me!

Blogging and social media are amazing tools to connect people but they can also send you just a little bit batty. So while I cruise around for the next couple of weeks I’m going to try to make an effort not to check Facebook quite so much. I’ll read Ian McEwan’s novel and not my blogging books. I’ll tickle my kids, hug my husband, swim with them and run in the sun. I’ll drink some more sauv blanc, watch American Hustle, run, shop and chat and when I feel like I should always be blogging or writing I’ll remember that it’s okay to take a break or write a post if I feel like it.

I will remember that blogging is something that I love to do that may lead to being my job. It is a slowly growing, sometimes grinding to a complete halt kind of a job but it has so much potential and portability, which is useful when you move as much as I do, that it’s worth pursuing.

I will remember that even when I am finding it extremely frustrating, I also love it. It is challenging, constantly evolving, exciting and definitely on my list as one of my passions (thanks Kelly Exeter for making me realise!).

Four ways bloggers can enjoy their holidays

1. Schedule holidays posts, tweets and facebook messages before you go on holidays
2. Turn off your email feed, check it manually if you have to, or not at all if you can!
3. Read about the pretend life of other people not the how to back up your blog
4. Leave ipads and laptops at home, play footy not computer games