Cupitt’s Winery

Hidden amongst the streets of Ulladulla suburbia, New South Wales, is a sweet little secret just waiting to be discovered. Step out of your car and you will

A sigh escaping my lips at Cupitt's Winery

A sigh escaping my lips at Cupitt’s Winery

feel the sweeping panorama of the lush green Budawang Ranges and the sparkling Burrill Lake wash over you and a sigh escape your lips.

Cupitt's Winery  Deckside

Cupitt’s Winery Deckside

You have arrived at Cupitt’s Winery.

Immediately you wish the kids would disappear and a free afternoon would open up to enjoy a long lazy lunch and multiple glasses of wine sitting under the umbrella on the deck with winery dogs at by your feet.

Cuppit’s is that kind of place. A place where the world just seems to fall away.

Alas we are not without kids but the great thing about Cupitt’s is it doesn’t really matter. We sit outside on the deck and the kids run around on the grass without annoying too many people.

Cupitt’s is not just a winery, it’s a family and it’s a farm. The Cupitt family is the winery and Warburton’s Farm. With the Cupitt’s carefully tending to their roles as vitriculturists, farmers, restaurant managers, event coordinators and winemakers, you can see their hard work everywhere. It’s in the wine that we sip and the herbs, vegetables and black angus cows that we eat at the Vineyard Kitchen.

We wander through the cellar door, housed in the stone walled creamery of the 1850’s. We peruse the wine that we can have opened and served to us as we sit outside on the deck.

Cupitt's Cellar Door the 1850's creamery

Cupitt’s Cellar Door the 1850’s creamery

And sit we do.

We sit back, relax and take in the sweeping panorama of the lush green rolling ranges, the meandering cows and the sparkling, soft blue lake. As the last stressed sigh of the day escapes our lips, we try not to lament that we must depart this soul soothing location that is Cupitt’s Winery.

The sadness is short lived and as we slowly, meander back to the car it is with the knowledge that next time we visit we can book ourselves into Cupitt’s Cottage and really relax.


Winery+Restaurant+Cellar Door+Accommodation

58 Washburton Road

Ulladulla NSW 2539


+61 2 4455 7888

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Cellar Door & Lunch: Wednesday-Sunday 10am-5pm

Dinner: Friday and Saturday