Did you know working at the upcoming election is a paid position?

perisher-voter-2010-smlThe Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) want you! Yes that’s right everyday people and enrolled to vote mums, dads, daughters and sons over the age of 18 are highly sort after AEC’s temporary workers for the Saturday 7 September 2013 Australian Federal Election and they will pay you! All those people sitting at desks ticking people off, directing them where to go and counting the votes, they get paid!

I’ve worked in two or three state and federal elections now, the work isn’t rocket science, and it’s quite an interesting day. You just need patience, and sense of humour and the ability to talk to people from all walks of life.

To be eligible for a job you need to get online and fill out an expression of interest (EOI) for temporary employment and below I step you through how to do it.

There are lots of people needed for lots of different positions on polling day. When you fill in your application you’ll be asked to select which positions you prefer. If you’ve got some common sense and calm head you’ll be able to do most positions. Tick as many position boxes as possible it will give you more chances to secure a job.

If you get an AEC election day job, you’ll do some online training (just tick and flick type questions) and get paid for it and then on election day you’ll kick off quite early around 7.30/8.00 as a polling official (this job involves ticking people off the electoral role) and get paid for that too.

A full day position like polling official, which is what I did at the last election earnt me around $350 for my time. Not a bad little addition to the shopping purse!

When the polls close you help count the votes and do the administration to send the votes away and help to take down all the poll booth paraphernalia.
Once you’re on the AEC’s temporary employee list you’ll be surprised how often you get the call up to work.

So get on line register your expression of interest to work at the election it’s easy, you’ve got nothing to lose and they might pick you!

  1. Go to aec.gov.au and make sure you’re on the electoral roll at the right address, if you’re not, update your address details before 12 August.
  2. In the top right hand corner of the AEC page click on employment, go down to temporary and electoral role positions/apply for temporary employment/scroll down to register for an account and then follow the steps.
  3. Fill in all the information that they need. Don’t be daunted by all the questions about experience and work history. Just give brief, to the point information about any positions you’ve held that might be helpful to a polling booth person. Experience in administration, sales, marketing and any number of industries will make you a prime candidate for the job.
  4. Submit your expression of interest and then wait. If you’re super keen, call your local electoral role office and check if they have received your expression of interest. That’s what I did. If they’ve got lots of applications and you ring they might look at yours first!
  5. Keep checking the email address you registered because that’s how you’ll receive your offer of employment. The exception to this is if you are employed very last minute (which happens quite a lot when people have unexpected appointments crop up) then you might receive a call from your local electoral role office.