Editing iphone photos fast

Editing iphone photos fast is not a skill I possess and a good iphone photo is all in the editing.  That much knowledge I do possess. As I go from exercise to school to daycare to coffee, to bashing at the keyboard, hanging out the washing and sorting out dinner, any editing I do has to be fast.  Like fit it in between the car line drop off wait and get on the road to tennis kind of fast.

iphone photo editing tips

Edit ordinary iphone photos and make them great.

I’m taking more pics now I’m back at my desk building my blog and my business so I went looking for some tips to make editing my iphone photos fast easy.  Here are my top 12.

12 tips for editing iphone photos fast

  1. Focus – tap the screen to get the yellow box up and get the iphone to focus on your pic subject.
  2. Swipe up – don’t miss that cheeky grin get the camera icon up fast and shoot.
  3. Know where you’re using the pic – if it’s instagram shoot in square mode. Use the mode that will get the best result for where you’re using the image.
  4. Adjust your exposure -You know the yellow square on the iphone screen? that’s for focus and next to it is the sun icon that’s the exposure.  Tap once and the slider comes up and you can make the exposure darker or lighter straight from the screen. If you edit nothing else, adjust the exposure/contrast up or down it makes a big difference.
  5. Turn the flash off – it won’t do you any favours.  Adjust the exposure first.
  6. Remember thirds – the grid that comes up is there for a reason.  People read/see left to right remember that when taking your pics and position the subjects accordingly.
  7. Use the volume up button – Open the camera app, turn phone sideways and press the volume up button will let you take a pic using both your hand to steady the phone.
  8. Use the best pic – sounds like a stupid tip but check the photos.  We all take more than one, use and edit the best one.
  9. Check what’s in the background – Photobomb anyone?  Your mum and dad might look amazing at the wedding but the kid doing the finger in the background might not be something you can edit out.
  10. Filters – although not one of my favs, filters for editing is very popular with a lot of iphone shooters.  Find your favourite filter and use it often if that’s your thing.  When I do use a filter it’s usually Lo-Fi or the one second to the right of normal because let’s face it I’m lazy.
  11. Put the light behind you – as a general rule put the light behind you so it reflects onto the subject of your photo to get a better pic and you do LESS editing.  This is of course unless you’re trying to great an effect of shadow etc. If it’s full overhead sun maybe find some shade.
  12. Apps – Find one photo editing app you like and use it all the time to become good at it.  Get the app up on screen fast by putting it in the dock (the four apps at the bottom of your iphone home screen.

Now that I ‘ve finally found the time to figure out how I can edit my iphone photos fast, I’m itching to try out these tips.  Watch this space (and instagram and facebook) to see if they get any better!


Do you have an iphone editing tip?  Share them with us below.

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