Five things that you might have missed last week #10

Every week there are millions of pieces of new information shared online and in print.  Here are five things you might have missed last week.

  1. Freshly Picked featured on Ellen, and the american ABC’s Shark Tank program is a business started by Susan Peterson in 2009 featured on Pat Flynn’s podcast.  Susan started her leather baby booties business with $200 from selling her brothers old building materials.  Today she turns over $4.5million dollars a year.
  2. You’ve got your Cotton On, now you can bring your Cotton Home.   Cotton On have teamed with designer Mark Tuckey to launch their first home collection.  Filled with brightly coloured linen, crockery, cushions and 62 reasonably priced pieces of homewares, you might just find something you like.
  3. The pup and the princess are having a baby.  Australian Cricket Legend Michael Clarke and scented candle socialite Kylie Boldy have announced they are expecting their first child this year.  Howz that!
  4. Rellies to old to use facebook? Tell them to try TinyBeans. Non-facebook family and friends can follow your family moments by signing up to the private social network Tiny Beans.  Founded by Stephen O’Young and Sarah-Jane Kurtini with $20,000 seed money, the company now has 500,000 users.  Half of those are in the USA.  Just last year they raised $2Million dollars and now the family friendly company is well on the way to doubling their subscribers.
  5. They still make ipod’s! Yep you heard right.  Not ipads, ipods.  Who knew!  and apparently the new ipod is a hint of the next iphone  to come – 6c!

I’m sure there’s more than five things you might have missed last week.  I know I did.  Michelle Bridges is pregnant, who knew! These are just a few I found interesting.  Drop us a line and share some of the things you found interesting, amusing, riduiculous,  incredible last week.  Catch you next week.