My friend Sue

I don’t know whether friends choose you or you choose your friends but I’m really glad I met Sue.

This is my friend Sue.

My friend Sue

My friend Sue


I caught up with her twice last year but before that I wouldn’t have seen her for about five years when we did our Yoga Teacher Training together. But when I sat on my mat next to her getting ready for our yoga class at Body Mind Life with 40 other students, it was like I’d only seen her last week not five or so years ago.

Afterwards there was roast chicken and wine, talk about Sue’s new career as a nutritionist and her husband Biddy’s new career working with philanthropic groups.  Not to mention my mutterings about life in a mining town or three and life with my three boys. There was more yoga and breakfast in some great little cafes and promises to catch up next time I get to Sydney.

As I left Sue’s place and travelled home to Brisbane and then central Queensland, I thought about what drew me to Sue.

What makes me feel like she gets me and makes me feel so at home when I’m with her.  Something one of her teachers said captured it. Sue has a great energy.  You can feel it surrounding her and the closer you get to her the more that you feel like you’re absorbing it and becoming a better person.

Surrounding yourself with people that make your heart sing is something that I hear from time to time and Sue is one of those people. She is such a positive force of nature. Calm, caring, serene, funny and articulate with just a touch of nervousness every now and then.  Her compassion, calmness and reassurance ARE reassuring.  She’s not perfect.

Like the rest of us she gets nervous when she gives a speech and or when she has to get marked on leading a class to yogic bliss.  She likes coffee and a glass of wine, she eats eggs poached hard and loves her french bulldogs, her husband and the beach.  She often goes to see her mum because that’s just the kind of girl she is.  Obviously there’s a lot more to Sue but that’s just the things that stick in my mind.

When I walk across Sue and Biddy’s stone floors and into their kitchen I feel like I have come home, like this is where I was meant to be.  I feel at home even though I visit less frequently than the pest control man.  I am free to come and go as I please.  There is space, time and understanding.  There are also great meals.  We don’t go out for dinner, we save the going out for breakfast.  Instead each time I visit, Biddy takes the time to cook a beautiful meal.  He opens a bottle of wine and sits and listens to the latest talk in mining land and to Sue and I reminisce about our yoga days before slipping away to get some work done or to sleep.

I always sleep well at Sue’s place and when I’m not there I can close my eyes and see Sue’s freckled face, wavy dark blonde hair and unusual earrings.  Her slim, tall frame full of health and casual elegance in her relaxed pants and easy fit earthy colours and her beautiful smile.  A smile that energizes you every time you see her and makes you smile.

I’m smiling now as I write this. I think I chose well, and I’m sure we’ll be friends for a very long time.