Product Review: Hitting the tiles with Electrolux cordless vac


They’re cold, they’re beige and they’re dirty all the time.

Yep you guessed it we’re living in a house of tiles, lots and lots of tiles.

Tiles in the hallway, tiles in the kitchen, tiles in the dining room and tiles in the laundry. It’s not so bad now we’re back in CQ at least the tiles here don’t snap freeze your feet. It was really bad when we lived in mid-western NSW, Mudgee. It gets so cold there that the washing line has to defrost before you can use it. The grass turns a lovely shade of white as it snaps and crunches under your feet and they even have winter diesel! if you don’t know what that is, don’t feel stupid like I did, just email me and i’ll share the secret. Anyway back to the tiles.

Tiles everywhere plus three year old and a crawling baby equals dirt everywhere, everyday. Lugging our vacuum cleaner out plugging and unplugging it as I moved around the house everyday became as appealing as watching paint dry. I needed a quick fix solution. I contemplated the robo vacu cleaner, the good old broom and brush, the home shopping sweeper and finally after a little research on choice, settled on the Electrolux 18V cordless vacuum.

On the plus side – this rechargeable beauty zips around the tiles with ease, not only that, it has a small little hand vac that detaches for smaller clean up jobs. It comes in a range of bright colours and it doesn’t take up very much room. It won’t break your back either, with the unit standing tall enough to avoid visits to the physio. It retails for around $250 dollars.

On the minus side – it has a fabric filter that needs to be washed and dried every so many vacs. The dirt holder is small and would need to be emptied after two goes around my kitchen/dining.

Before this we had and still do have the Black and Decker 18V hand held bagless vac. This is an excellent rechargeable unit with plenty of suction and cleaning power. It sits easily and unobtrusively in any kitchen or laundry bench corner. It was around $180 from memory.

Although the electrolux does come in a 15V for less bucks, don’t be tempted. The 15V loses power and charge quicker and has a shorter life span.

Similar to these would be the Dyson cordless bag less handheld. There are two versions. One specifically for pets and one normal. You’ll shell out closer to $500 for these and Choice doesn’t rate the models as highly as the Electrolux.

But enough of my bla blaing what do you hit your tiles with??

Disclaimer: unfortunately no one paid me to review this product. I’m hoping this changes one day soon and then I’ll be swimming in free things to try before I buy!