Belated International Blog Swap Day – introducing Susan K Mann

A little while ago I signed up for Digital Parents International Blog Swap Day.  That’s where DP pair you with an awesome blogger from the other side of the world, with a  blog similar to yours and you get to post on each others blogs.  Lucky for me so did the  lovely, talented, resilient and awesome Susan K Mann.   Below is her story.  I hope you’ll help me in welcoming her to this little Oz blog of mine by leaving a comment and/or by visiting her blog Susan K Mann.  Sit back, enjoy and find out all about this lovely lady.

Introducing…..UK Blogger Susan K Mann 

I love the idea of International Blog Swap day, a blind date for bloggers. I’ve briefly spoken to my blog swap partner Nicky and she sounds lovely. Not only is she’s letting me take over her blog for the day. I am looking forward to having her post over on mine. I hope my readers will come over and check out Nicky’s blog after reading her post and I hope you will come over and check out my blog. Hopefully, you’ll like what you see. If you do stop by, do let me know and I’ll hop down under and visit you too. I am looking forward to check out some new blogs.

Susan Mann's smiley girl

Susan Mann’s smiley girl

I am not really sure what to talk about, so I thought I’d just tell you a little about myself and my blog. I blog at SusanKMann and I started blogging on the 21 January 2010, I remember this date because it’s my second child’s birthday. My first post was about his birthday. It wasn’t my best post, but it was a massive leap forward and the start of a journey I could never have imagined.

An incredible journey, in which I’ve met so many wonderful people, experienced some many amazing things and had a rollercoaster ride along the way. Yes it can be hard work, but it can be so rewarding and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

I started blogging to record our lives, the highs and lows of being a working mother of two boys. There is four years of history on my blog and I can look back and smile. Looking back, my boys have changed and their personalities, it’s incredible. They were just one and three when I started. This past year my daughter has come along as she’s been on there since her very first day. There are many incredible milestones in a baby’s first year and I have it all there, along with how her brothers reacted.

There are so many wonderful parent blogs out there, some who blog about getting back to nature, some about their businesses, some about their health issues or children’s health issues and others who just want to record their lives with their children. The world of blogging is open to everyone and the world is your oyster.

My blog special to me and although I do some reviews, etc., now; its primary subject is my family, my babies and I. Once Upon a Time, there was a blog, where we live out our very own little fairy tale in Scotland.

Thanks Nicky for having me here and thanks for reading.

Susan x