Long distance driving cut short

What if you could read a book without taking your hands off the steering wheel? or discover the steps to a new career.  All this in the time it takes to drive from Brisbane to Sydney.  Would it change your mind about long distance driving?

Boys drive 200914

Our family drives long distances a lot. Whether it’s a 300 or 1000 kilometre we don’t think much of it. We drive to catch up with friends, family and holiday destinations. We drive to save the cost of four return flights or to have the many comforts of home that make holidays with growing kids more enjoyable. Whatever the reason, we’re happy to hop in the car. Having lived in regionally remote towns for the best part of the last ten years, long drives are just part of what we do. Here are six ways to pass the time and the towns while you drive.

Six ways to pass the time and the towns while you drive

  1. DVD players. For around $150 you can get a DVD dual player. Set the DVD players up with headphones, some Pixar animation and you’re guaranteed a couple of hours of entertainment, so that the adults in the front can pop on an ….
  2. Audio books. Whether on CD or loaded onto your iphone, ipod or other music playing device, an audio book can be a great way to get ‘read’ the Hunger Games or your favourite author’s latest book. Bolinda Audio is a great source of audio books, so are Audible and Apple iTunes. For about $30 or monthly subscription you get to read while you drive.  What great multi-tasking! Before you pay for your audio book though, check with your local library. Some libraries offer their members a free digital log on to audio book suppliers like Bolinda Audio to borrow audio books. If you don’t want to ‘read’ a book you can listen to….
  3. Podcasts. I love podcasts. By listening to these audio stories, I can find out how to become a writer with the Australian Writers Centre or I can find out what the Entrepreneurs on Fire did to become rich and happy. Then there’s my absolute fav podcast, the dulcet, smooth tones of Richard Fidler in ‘The Conversation Hour.’ I listen mesmerised as he carefully and sympathetically coaxes out the stories of some amazing people. To listen to Podcasts, download the Podcast app to your iphone or android device and search for a podcast topic that tickles your fancy or your interest. If tech listening isn’t for you try listening to your…
  4. Radio. Find your station. Classical, news, music. Auto Tune often to get your fix of local news, music and events as you drive through the various towns. Dance in your seat as you ‘sing’ (or scream melodically in my case) along to 5 seconds of summer (ask your local teenager) and ‘how she looks so perfect standing there in her American apparel underwear.’ Do this while hair flipping and adding in silly facial expressions. You’re sure to extract hysterical laughter from the car seats in the back row. If the back row cabin class are happy you might…
  5. *Catch up on your phone calls. If you’ve got ten hours in the car there will be plenty of time to use your voice activated dialing to catch up with the friends.Only to be attempted, of course, if you have hands free speaker phone access to your mobile phone. While your talking you can think about when to feed the hungry hoards…
  6. Pack snacks and water and stop every 2-3 hours but not if the kids are asleep! Lots of small snacks and individual water bottles and coffee cups make a long trip much easier and a welcome distraction. Have a rough idea of when and where you’re going to stop for toilet breaks, food and petrol but be flexible and sensible. If the kids are asleep try not to stop and disturb the peace. There will be plenty of time within the three or ten hour trip that they are awake!

Enough about us what are your tips for Long distance driving cut short??  Share them, we’ve got plenty more long trips to go!