Moving gets easier, 9 times later!

I’ve moved a lot. Nine moves in the 10 years since I married would you believe? And apparently I’m a digital mogul mover, well at least that’s what my moving profile survey told me.  I don’t know why I’m surprised because that’s how we’ve found most of the units we’ve rented and how we bought our first house.

Each time we move I think it’s unreal how much the digital world has changed.  When we first started moving I would visit the real estate agents and scour their rental lists.  Then when we had to move from Brisbane to Airlie Beach in a hurry my technique had to change. Luckily technology had changed too.

Straight to the internet I went.  Lucky us (me rolling eyes) there was one suitable for a single man and his cat, one for the owner of 10 three Porche’s and then ours.  The one we ‘picked’ because we had no other choice!  Rental applications were exchanged through inbox’s and it was only when we the moving truck turned up that we met our property manager and saw our new home.

From Airlie to Tieri and finally we stayed put for a while.  Then off we went again, this time to Mudgee. Do you know the first thing I did? Yep you guessed it, logged on.  I jumped on Facebook and connected with the community page, the buy, swap, sell page, playgroup page and property sites like

We rented then bought our first home.  It was so exciting.  Finally a home that we could call our own.  Our timing, ever impeccable, had us moving to Mudgee in the middle of a property and mining boom.  Well priced properties were there one week and gone the next.  We moved quickly.

I put the Prado in drive and went searching Mudgee, looking for houses for sale.  When I found one I like I would pull out my smart phone and find out how much it was going to cost me and when it had listed.  Then I would race home and set up a property alert for the price bracket on the PC.  At night I would sit on the couch and check the ipad to see which house I wanted to grace with my presence.

But with all the technology in the world there was no substitute for the personal touch. My weekly chats with Rob from Raine & Horne and Peter from the Property Shop was how we knew our dream property was back on the market.  We signed contracts before the open house could be cancelled and my husband could see it.  Luckily he loved it!

Sadly our southern sojourn came to an end when a new job offer came and now we call Queensland home once more.  Not before we moved 1800 klms to Moranbah and then another 175klms to Middlemount and company housing.  But don’t you worry quicker than you could say ipad I was connected to Middlemount Community Page.

Just goes to show a mover and their digital devices are rarely parted!