Why I’m passionate about family

I have to be honest when I sat down to write about family, the first of my seven passions, I struggled.  I mean where do you start?  How can you put into words the magnitude of what your family mean to you?

As a kid I think you take family for granted.  Mum and Dad are always there for you.  Moulding, shaping, teaching, guiding you from babyhood to adulthood.  Feeding, clothing, loving, nurturing, negotiating and helping you map your way through life.  It’s such a mammoth task for them but to you they’re just Mum and Dad. That’s just what they do.  You rely on the fact that they will always be there for you no matter what.

Then you get a partner and have kids of your own and suddenly the job of moulding and shaping little people and building a relationship with your other half becomes your job and your passion.  The job of loving, nurturing, guiding, negotiating and turning toddlers into grown ups is up to you.  It’s only then you start to realise what an enormous thing it was for your parents to raise you.   It’s only then as you’re moving through the foggy haze that is parenthood that you start to fully comprehend what family really means.   Lucky that you are starting to comprehend it because behind door number three is your third family.

All of a sudden through marriage/partnership you have new sisters or brothers, another set of parents and an extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins.   You’re folded into this new family like you’ve always been there. They’re loyal, they’re protective and they’re as passionate about family as you are.

You’re passionate about all of your families because they encourage you to be the best person you can be, even when they’re not quite sure about your new latest and greatest idea.  They pep you up when you’re feeling crap, fly across the country to be with you on your birthday, look after your kids when you need it most and put you before them.  They make you laugh and they hold you while you cry.

Yeah sure life’s not all a bed of roses.  Sometimes you fight, and disagree and sometimes it’s just hard work to figure them out but it’s all part of being family.  Taking the good with the bad.

What is great is that you’re part of three families, part of something so much bigger than you and it’s awesome.

I mean what’s not to be passionate about having three families to be there for you no matter what.

Are you passionate about family?  Why? Or does your family drive you so crazy you find it hard to be passionate about them?

Five reasons to be passionate about family

  1. Even if all your friends deserted you, family will still be there
  2. The love of your family is unconditional
  3. Family give you the strength to be the best you can be
  4. Family know the best and the worst of you and they love you anyway
  5. Family are passionate about you!