What are your passions?

What are your passions in life? Late last year I got worried that there was nothing I was passionate about. Sure there was stuff I liked but was that the same?

I discussed it with my husband.

“I’m passionate about my family but what are the other things that really get me fired up and buzzing? Buzzing like when I did triathlon training 12 times a week?” I think that’s where I was coming unstuck.  In my head being passionate about something meant spending every spare hour I had with it like I had done with Triathlon.  I had an idea passions could be more than that but I wasn’t sure.

I had a think about it.  What do I do during the course of a day, a week and a year , surely they were the things I was passionate about and suddenly it was crystal clear.  I had lots of passions.  Sure they might not have the intensity of those triathlon days but there are lots of things, that I make a big effort to include in my life.  So that’s what I’m going to class as passions.

Over the next few weeks I’ll share with you my passions in a series of posts.  Hopefully it’l get you inspired to sit down and figure out what you love to do and how you’ll spend your 2014 fitting it the things you’re most passionate about.

In the meantime, here’s the six things I love the  most and I will make an effort to fit in during 2014.  Of course there’s always room for new passions, so the list may grow!

My seven passions in life

  1. Family. Husband, kids, dog, extended family.  Even though sometimes they drive you crazy family spending time with family is the life blood that keeps you going every day.
  2. Health and Fitness.  I used to be super dedicated to triathlons and training.  After that came a life long connection to staying healthy and fit especially as I get older and maintaining the waistline and the sanity seems to get harder.
  3. Yoga.  I started yoga about 12 years ago when I was stressed out and ready to snap.  Sometimes everyday but definitely every week it’s on my to do list.
  4. Writing. Since I was about 12 I have kept a journal, which progressed to writing for work, then uni and now for pleasure.
  5. Blogging and social media.  Ever since I got my first iPhone in July 2008 I have been hooked on social media and how it connects people especially as I continue to move houses a lot!
  6. Learning and self improvement. I love to learn.  Courses, reading, media, television, life around us, so much in life to learn so little time to do it.
  7. Reading. I will read anything and everything. Papers, flyers, bulletin boards, facebook, twitter posts, self-help, non-fiction, leaflets and magazines in hotel rooms, travel guides, in-flight magazines, blogs, junk mail, you name I want to read it.  I can’t get enough.

Find your passions in life.  It could give you the focus and direction you’ve been looking for.  When you do find them, you’ll be able to spend your free time doing the things that matter most to you in life.

This post was inspired by #Problogger event 2013 and #kellyexeter who reminded me that to find direction in life and blogging you have to first figure out what’s important in your life.