Relaxing with kids

Having children is a dramatic change to your life.  For me after 35 years of doing pretty much whatever I wanted, then being committed to a tiny human being that needed me 24/7 was a big change.  It also meant that I got more creative about where I went when I wanted to get out and have a break.

When you have kids, me time can go out the window.  But it doesn’t have to.  With a little bit of research and some creativity parents can find places to go where they get some down time and the kids get some play time.

Here are some of my favourite places for down time with the kids:

Cafes. People with children know what’s it’s like to try and have a coffee in peace.  Perhaps that’s why places like Cafe 89 on Market Street in Mudgee spring up.  These guys have set up an open play pen filled with books, colouring pencils, toys and tiny people furniture.  The coffee is good and the silence from the happy children is golden!

McDonalds. Commercial but practical.  Most mcrestaurants have playgrounds where the kids can play and you can sit outside and enjoy a coffee.

Public playgrounds.  Grab a take away coffee for you and some snacks for the kids and go to one of the many gated playgrounds that are popping up all over the place.  Mudgee has Lawson’s Park, in QLD there’s the Pirate Park, Scarborough. Check with your local council for one in your area.

Indoor playcentres. Indoor play centres are great for mum’s with kids of all ages.  For around $8 you get entry to an enclosed play centre.  They usually have an under two’s and an older kids area.  While you’re there you can get a coffee and something to eat at a reasonable price, which makes up for the fact there’s generally no outside snacks allowed. In Mudgee there’s Bizzy bodz and in bigger centres like Brisbane there’s places like Little Tiggers.  They’re also great places for a rainy day, but get there early on wet weather days a lot of mums have the same idea!

Public Swimming Pools. In the warmer weather the pool can be a great place to cool off and relax.  Bring along a rug, snacks, sunscreen, hats and you’re in business.  Plenty of room to roam, swim and chill out.

That’s my top five, what are yours??