How to get stains out of silk

I saw it before I heard it.  The jewel green shirt dazzling me with its brilliant colour and hypnotising me with its emerald silk fluttering in the Sportsgirl breeze.  And then it spoke, “Nicky, Nicky, you need me. Wear me and you will look good and feel great.” Somehow the wise words of the shirt drowned out the whisper of my own voice “you have two children under five, and no idea how to get stains out of silk, bad idea, very bad idea.”

And I have to tell you I did look good and feel great, that is until Mister one and four touched the shirt with vegemite fingers followed by me getting water marks on it all before walking out the door.  Then while out, having turned my shirt backwards thus having hidden marks from my view, I managed to get barbecue cheeseburger sauce on it! How was I going to fix this?

In my head I knew it was silk but for some reason I was thinking no worries I’ll just wash it. It will be fine.  Not sure why it’s silk, dry clean only and I live 300 klm’s from the nearest dry cleaner.  Stupid right? When reality and the afore mentioned stains set I went straight to my friends and readers with an SOS on how to shift stains from silk! So with nothing to lose except the shirt I was about to ditch I tried their suggestions to see if I could salvage my new favourite.

Silk Stain Removal Tips

  1. Eucalyptus Wool Wash.  I pulled out the Eucalyptus wool wash and hand washed.  A little success but not much.  Cost around $5.00
  2. Earth Choice Lemon and Basil dishwash detergent.  Bingo all stains came out.  The sauce stain left a slight shadow of an outline but when it dried nothing, who hoo, shirt fixed.  Cost around $3.00!
  3. **Aesop A.P.C Fine Fabric care.  I didn’t try this although I really wanted too.  At a recommended $39.99,  I guess my thinking was the shirt didn’t cost much more than that, so I wanted to try the cheaper options first.  For a more expensive piece of clothing I might have. You can find it here Aesop A.P.C Fine Fabric Care or for Capricorn Coast gals at Something Different.

Who knew the humble dishwashing detergent would get stains out of silk.  Turns out my friend Fallyn did, she worked in a dress shop did and so did Shannon Lush of the Spotless book fame.  Turns out if it’s a grease stain you’re looking to remove dishwashing detergent is the best to remove it.  But beware if it’s a grease and protein stain (think meat) you need to remove the protein before the grease.  Ms Lush suggests facial soap and cold water for the protein and then treat the grease.

I’m so excited my shirt is wearable again.  I can buy nice things and have kids. Now, if only the shirt would iron itself.

Have you brought something nice only to have it sabotaged by the little people in your life or are you holding off on nice until the kids are older?