How to stop soap scum on the shower screen fast

How to clean soap scum from your shower screen and stop if from coming back again

clean soap scum from the shower screen

clean soap scum from the shower screen

Do you get scummy shower screens from soap scum?  How do you clean yours?

Not long ago a really useful thread started on a great local facebook page on how to clean soap scum from your shower screen and stop it from coming back.There were so many great suggestions that I thought it was worth sharing, to give you all some great tips on how to make your shower sparkle.

My own solution is pretty boring. I just used whatever spray on shower cleaner I have in the cupboard and soft scourer and rinse with the shower head but I’m going to try some of these ones.

So here they are 28 ways to clean soap scum from your shower for you to try.

  1. Use liquid soap to shower with, it doesn’t leave soap scum
  2. Use a mix of vinegar and dishwashing liquid works great
  3. Plastic scrubbing mitt or pad and white TOOTHPASTE! Yup. White toothpaste. It has a stronger cutting compound than other cream cleaners.
  4. Wd40 spray and polish
  5. Fabric softener
  6. Enjo calcium dissolver is great
  7. Shower power takes soap scum off easily
  8. Use shower gel instead of soap, shower stays cleaner longer
  9. Norwex is amazing
  10. Modere cleaning products as they don’t suffocate you while with fumes as you clean. It is the animal fats in your personal care products that leave the build up
  11. Use a glass squeegee after the last person showers it keeps the shower SO much cleaner for longer.
  12. Squeegee off the glass after rinsing with fresh water after every shower and only use pump soap. Our shower screen is 8 years old and looks like brand new
  13. Jif cream, wash it off well and towel dry
  14. White magic eraser works a treat on shower screens and tiles
  15. Clean the glass with toothpaste then wipe over or spray with finish rinse aide
  16. Washing detergent to remove soap scum
  17. White vinegar
  18. Morning fresh dish liquid works a treat and most cleaners use this method
  19. Hevi clean Nutrimetics
  20. Don’t use bar soap and use Easy off Bam with a Shower Cleaning Pad from the supermarket. It is a course plastic scourer
  21. Is it soap scum or is it calcium build up … If it’s calcium your stuck with it… Sorry
  22. Chlorine. Make it into a paste then put it all in the shower, let it sit there for about an hour then wash it off
  23. We have also “tried many products”, in the end we replaced our shower screen. We were also advised to apply a protection to the shower, which we did and after each shower, we wipe it down….it now nearly 12 months old and looks like brand new…….
  24. I am a house cleaner and I have found that sometimes if the stains have been there a long time they are impossible to get off, sometimes the screen has to be replaced. Try a descaler, see if that works. I have used a paste of bicarb soda with water, lemon juice
  25. Soluble tea tree oil!
  26. Really fine steel wool – but make sure you vac up the bits that fall off
  27. Shampoo any kind. It comes straight off
  28. A dishwasher tablet dissolved in warm water

Let us know how you go.  Have you tried any of these? What is your shower cleaning solution?

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