Technology, it’s all in the clouds

Hard drive with valuable stuff on it!The sign said USB drive 8GB $10 and all of a sudden I was in a dream cloud moment. I was taken back to when I bought my first computer in 2003.

With a flat screen, CD drive, USB ports, speakers and after some hard bargaining, a portable file storage device (read USB stick1), I had modern technology covered.

It was that USB stick that I was most fascinated with. From memory it was a 250 or maybe 500kb USB stick valued at around $100.

I thought I was the technology queen. I think I was more impressed by that USB stick than I was by the CD drive, the flat screen monitor or the fact that I had bought my first computer.

I took my USB stick to work, copied files onto it showed it around to anyone who would care to look. I took it home again, saved work on to it and, well you get the picture.

I don’t have that USB Stick anymore but sitting here looking around my desk and in my drawers I can put my hands on at least four others. All with heaps more memory than the first one I owned but all pretty much unloved. If I need a file now I go to the cloud. I email it to my webmail or I save it into my DropBox account to work on wherever I travel.

I still have the hard drive of that original computer it’s sitting here in front of me waiting for my husband to pull the files from it. Obviously they’re very important files, it’s been sitting in my filing tray for over a year!

I wonder what the next ten years of technology updates will bring? What will Ruben be trying to teach me when he’s 23? What will be his dream cloud moment? Maybe playing with his mum’s iphone and ipad!

Are you keeping up with technology? What technology have you loved that’s been superseded?