The Blog Reno Part 2

NWW Concept 1
The blog reno – Part 2

The second most important part of redesigning your blog, after choosing a graphic designer, is the low down on what kind of design you’re after and what outcome you want from the redesign. Are you trying to increase sales? Increase readership? Refresh a tired brand.  Getting the brief, or the detailed instructions on what you want designed right, is the key to getting a beautiful new logo design that you love.


I’ve worked in advertising, branding and marketing so you would think that I can write a kick-ass brief.  The truth of the matter is with a newish baby, new/old house to reno, a child who’s not keen on school, a husband that works away and broken sleep my brief to Shae Irwin of Red Copper Blonde was

Interiors, clothing and graphic design

Interiors, clothing and graphic design

well brief to say the least and not what I’d usally write….

“Shae, I need a logo redesign.  I’m thinking I want my brand to reflect mind, body health, wellbeing, innovation, entrepreneurship, living your best life, not sweating the small stuff or stress or anxiety when it comes knocking and being excited about new discoveries, innovation and teaching/sharing things with people to help them live a better life.

How’s that for broad! Does it help?

My first logo is very much the neat and tidy version of me and now I’m more comfortable in my own skin, warts and all, I want the rough round the edges everything’s not perfect but Keep a bright outlook of life type of logo.

Does that make sense? How’s that for a brief? Ha all typed into a facebook message one handed on my iphone while breastfeeding Hugo!!”

Now Shae knows me pretty well and lucky for me it did make sense. But if you want a little more direction on how to write a proper brief for your designer, check out this article from the Design School HERE. It gives you an outline of what a graphic designer needs to know to get your design right.

Once you’ve got your brief delivered to your designer and agreed on the price, the designer will come back with some concepts.

And here are some of the concepts Shae came back with….

NWW Concept 1 NWW Concept 2 NWW Concept 3










Which one did I pick?

Tune in next week.  Same bat time, same bat channel to find out!!