The Blog Reno Part 3

The Blog Reno – Part 3

So by now you know that design for nickywaywrites is changing with a blog reno. Change seems to be the flavour of my year! And the last part of redesigning  your blog is choosing your design and here is the design I went with…

NWW Concept 3





I’m really excited about though is my new blog branding which you can see here now.

What do you think? But wait, there’s more.

Even though this was the concept that Shae from Red Copper Blonde and I both thought worked best, we felt it wasn’t quite there. So we tried a few different variations; bigger white splotches, pink and purple splotches, wider words, narrow words. We were both excited when we chose this as the final design…..

Twitter Header




I love it!

Shae kept the pink as a link to my old blog design and logo and because it’s one of my favourite colours, bright and fun. She included the organic scripted hand writing that I love and is a bit of a reflection of my own hand writing style. I think the bit I like most, though, is the not perfect, messy, untidy but also fun aspect to the design because isn’t that what everyday life is?

Sure you might start out in your early years with a neat and tidy view of the world with everything figured out and boxed up but then your own style and confidence come out and the rich tapestry of life (I so love that phrase) starts to unfold. Marriage, career changes, babies, house moves/renos, happen. You get tired of the old and it’s time to welcome in the new. And so it is with my blog.

The neat and tidy got boring and it was time to make a change. It was like a haircut that I’d grown out and needed to change….

3 things you need with your new blog design

  1. Install your new design on your social media channels; facebook, twitter, Instagram etc
  2. Tell your readers about the blog redesign and why it came about
  3. Get writing and show off that great new design!

So what are you waiting for?  What will you redesign in your life?

Nicky Way is a mother of three small boys, a wife, a student, a yoga teacher and now a house renovator. She is also a freelance writer, blogger and social media helper.

Thank you so much Shae Irwin, great friend and designer of interiors, clothing and awesome branding and logos!

Interiors, clothing and graphic design

Interiors, clothing and graphic design