The new language of authors

If I said Twitter/flash fiction, SMS novel, wiki or stanza would I be speaking another language to you?

Well get learning writers, because these new languages are here to stay and author/blogger Joanna Penn tells the story in Module 1 of her Author 2.0 online course.

Cross media platforms are opening up new worlds to authors and turning their stories into three-dimensional creations.

As I delved into this module , the traditionalist in me wanted to reject the cross media worlds that authors are creating and that readers can be part of, contribute to and enjoy.

But the struggling for direction writer in me was stronger than the traditionalist and I got excited about these new directions.

Authors can add value to their printed text by using all sorts of new media streams like podcasts, youtube clips, videos, websites and on line alternate realities as well as a myriad of new ways to publish fiction.

Paper novels are so yesterday, now there are Twitter, Flash, Wiki, Blog and mobile phone novels to consider.

When I finally get around to writing my psychological thriller, romance, or historical fiction, so many tools will be available to me.

I’ll create blogs for my protagonist, websites for their favourite places, and many more online clues to value add to the readers experience.

As well as that I’ll invite my readers to become part of my story just like J. C Hutchins does.

I will make readers a member of the communities my characters lives in.

They will create material, images and insights that will become part of the characters world.

And once I’ve done all of that and gathered a following of thousands, I’lll have learnt a new language and become part of the cross media revolution forever.