The perfect shoe storage solution?

Is there such a thing as the perfect shoe storage solution? If there is I’m yet to find it.

Every time I move (41 and counting) one of the problems I am always faced with is where am I going to put all of my shoes. Imelda Marcos I am not but shoe lover I am.  You’re reading about a girl who takes five plus pairs of shoes away with her for a two day weekend so if you times that by about eight (or close enough) you’re getting up there for the number of shoes that I need to pack, transport and rearrange every time I move.

I’ve tried shoe racks, shoe boxes, shoe baskets, hanging shoe holders and walk in wardrobes but no one storage receptical seems to work perfectly (a bit like wallets I think).  Then on the weekend I saw these in #afrmag.  Sagitine shoe draws and cases.  Small perfectly formed draws to store each pair of your shoes.  They stack on top of each other and slot into a neat tower frame.  It looks like the a high quality set of draws, only it’s not.  They’re actually made out of a high density cardboard material made to look like wood.

Don’t get me wrong this storage solution isn’t perfect either.  You can can’t see whether it’s your Jimmy Choo’s or your Country Road Ballet flats that are in the perfect little draw and the units start at a jaw dropping US $1,081 but boy does it look good! So so far no perfect shoe storage solution, guess I’ll just have to keep looking!

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