Time goes by while you’re sleep deprived.

A lump came into my throat, my eyes misted and I saw the next six years of a tiny little life flash by.

What happened? My Maxie boy went from his cosy little cocoon tetra bed, into his big boy cot.

My littlest boy is six weeks old on Monday and I have no idea where the time went.

From a big boy in a little bed, to a little boy in a giant cot.

Time is flying.

From capsule straps at the bottom, to capsule straps at middle

Time is flying.

From bottle teat no1 to bottle teat no.2

Time is flying.

From new born hearing test to six week needles

Time is flying.

From eyes wide shut to wide eyed boy

Time is flying

From big inside my belly to little brother

Life is time flying by

And I can wait while I keep watching Maxie’s little life happen