Travelling is a funny thing…

Travelling is a funny thing.  When you start your journey you’re super hyped and excited and noticing all kinds of things

Packing light

Packing light

you never usually would.  For instance, you’re about to spend around 20 hours huddled into a seat smaller than the driver’s seat in a toyota echo, but no why wouldn’t people take the travellator?  Of course you don’t want to exercise your legs when they’re about to be up around your elbows. Other little things like..

The kiwi chick trying to fill out her customs dec eyes my $2 Victor Chang donation stand pen, purchased five minutes ago, with longing.  She’s not missing much it only works long enough for me to fill out my card.  By that time she’s found her own pen anyway.  Then you begin the long trek from arriving departures, to departing departures.

First into the customs line, then the shorter line to pull out every fluid you choose to travel with, your computer and any metal your carrying and to denude yourself of shoes, belts and anything that will set off those buzzers.  When you finally make it through there there’s the bright lights of, do your money before you even get to your destination,  otherwise known as Duty Free Shopping.  Then the regular shops because everyone wants a little La Perla to change into on the plane don’t they?  Not those weary looking couples with children.

Seeing people travelling OS with children.  I feel for them, I cringe for them.  I imagine myself as them. What it would be like travelling with an almost five and almost two…. Screaming, tired children and that’s before they even fly.  Except it’s not me.  This time round, I’m child and husband free, feeling like I’m a 23 year old on tour again.  Except this time it’s a suitcase, not a backpack and apartment living not YHA NYC.  So funny, I’m at the airport child free husband free and where do I go to eat? Mcdonalds. Hillarious. I don’t know must be the lure of free newspapers, wifi and the playground!  I take to the laptop for some travel inspired rants.

OMG must find a power point, the phone is dying, the laptop is downloading and dying must recharge before they shut me down…must connect before I’m shut down for 14 hours.

See you on the other side in NYC.