Wee little problem

[Tweet “There was no time to waste the wee was sinking fast”]It was kind of cute when Max came into our bed at 5.30 in the morning and went straight back to sleep snuggled into me.  What wasn’t cute was when he joined me in the kitchen and told me he needs his pyjamas changed.

It seemed we had a wee little problem.

“NOOOOOOOO I could be heard yelling in Sydney 120 klms away. ”  The wee had travelled through a woollen underlay, a mattress protector and straight onto our latex pillow top mattress that is not much more that 12 months old.  All this on day one back at school after three weeks holidays.  Ahhh Fiji where art though?

All before we even made breakfast.

With the speed of Flash Gordon I whipped the still warm, wee infused linen off the bed.

What to do? What to do now? My little brain buzzed in a panic.

I had a vague memory from when we’ d forgotten to put the mattress protector in place of how I’d fixed the mattress. Was it lemon juice and white vinegar, bicarb maybe?  Was it Shannon Lush of Spotless fame that I had taken it from I wasn’t sure.  There was no time to waste.  The wee was sinking fast into the plush pile of foam and our luscious latex haven from the world.

When in doubt Google.

I was close.  When I typed in ‘best way to get wee out of mattress’ the lovely Maxabella Loves’s tips came up on the Kidspot site, read them here.

Now I didn’t have any Borax on hand so this is my adaptation of Maxabella’s solution.

6 Steps to get wee out of mattress

  1. Blot wee with paper towel and lots of it.
  2. Fill an empty spray bottle with a solution of one part white vinegar and one part water, add a couple of drops of tea tree oil.  The tea tree oil acts as an anti-bacterial.  Spray the wee stain.
  3. Spread an old towel over the sprayed area, then put down newspaper on top and then heavy books (see Maxabella for why). Remove after a couple of hours.
  4. Sprinkle the area with baking soda let it dry and then vacuum it up.
  5. Repeat the above process twice.
  6. Put a heater or a fan on the mattress to dry it out, ONLY, if like me, you can’t get the mattress out into the sun.

Ideally to dry out the mattress and kill the germs the anti-bacterial properties of the sun are best. But there was no chance of me lifting and dragging our 1-tonne mattress out into the backyard.  And no chance it would fit, in our southern sydney back yard with a washing line in the middle of it.

So now when we go to sleep at night the gentle smell of white vinegar and eucalyptus oil wafts up our nostrils.  Which is quite nice compared to the eau de fart that I often smell wafting over from the other side of the bed.  And thanks Maxi Boy for doing it on Dad’s side not mine 🙂