When everything is going pear shaped, light a match

Somedays everything just seems to go pear shaped and when everything is going pear shaped, light a match I say.

Take yesterday for example. It felt like we were winning.

Meditation – 6.00 am

Yoga – 6.10 am

Kids in the car – 8.00 am.

Ruben at friends house in time for a before school drop off play – 8.10 amIMG_5340 2

Arrive preschool with Max – 8.20 am

Realise Max’s lunch, water bottle and dummy is at home – 8.22 am

Arrive home to get Max’s lunch – 8.40 am

Realise I am still listening to the wiggles, even though no one under 5 is in the car – 8.45am

Driving BACK to preschool, realise water bottle and dummy STILL at home 8.50 am

See what I mean?

And I didn’t even have the kids to blame.

Not today though.

Today, apart from a minor argument between Max and swim instructor Ms Debbie over who was right, all went very smoothly.

But when everything is going pear shaped, and the kids are going manic, what do you do?

Well I can’t speak for anyone else, but I light a scented candlewine and breathe.  Something about the hypnotic glow of the flame and that first sip of wine that moves all the way down to your toes is instantly calming.

The amber mandarin of the candle mixes with the smooth red velvet wine.  It fills my nostrils and sends a signal to my brain.  You are home, be calm, relax, those kids will be in bed soon.

Maybe that’s what I should have done yesterday.

Gone home, lit a match, put a scented, decorative candle on, poured the wine and put my feet up…..at 10am.

Ahh if only life worked like that.

PS – Swimming teacher Ms Deb won the argument and despite the crying Max finished the lesson.  Thanks Ms Deb for your perserverance.  Max promises better rocket arms next time.