9/11 Memorial

World Trade Centre 9/11 memorial, what a humbling place to be.IMG_2459

Tears come to my eyes and I feel like crying my heart out when I think of the 3,000 people who lost their lives working here and saving people who worked here.

So many people are here laughing, chatting, taking photos and I want to tell them to stop, to be silent, to cry, to have some respect for all those who have lost their lives.

To all those who work to keep our world a safer place in the hope that something like this will never happen again.

It feels wrong to be here, at the 9/11 memorial, to be gawking at the place where so many have died, but so right to be paying my respects.

I just want to sob.  Instead I cross myself in the name of the father, and the son and the holy spirit and say a prayer for all that was lost on that day.

I want to cry for the first moment I first saw dust covered people running screaming from the burning, buckling, tumbling, melting wreckage.

I want to cry for the eerie silence that came over the world.

I am sad for the innocence that it took away from us all that day.

It can never be taken back and the world will never be the same but we can be strong for those that were left behind.

We can celebrate new beginnings and the grow hope where there was despair and be humble for the life we are able to live so carefree and alive.