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Losing my voice

I lost my voice for two years. Not the words but my voice. Come to think of it when I started blogging I wasn’t really sure what my voice was at all.  I just thought had to start writing, I had to start somewhere and the rest would come. Well, WordPress tells me that since that first […]

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Why I’m passionate about social media and blogging

Eight years ago I came out. Yes that’s right, in 2008, at the same time as the iphone was released, I realised that I was passionate about facebook, social media and blogging. It was almost like it was fate.  As I started to write more the term ‘social media’ was coined and cool new stuff that I could write for came on […]

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Can a blogger ever be on holidays?

One of the side effects of blogging that I didn’t anticipate is that I feel like I am never on holidays (even though as I write this I am sitting at a table overlooking the waves of the ocean while my sauv blanc slowly disappears). I feel like wherever I go, whatever I’m doing I […]

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Problogger t minus 10 hours

Problogger training event is finally here tomorrow at 7.30am 329 bloggers and wanna be bloggers will meet at QT Gold Coast for 17 sessions of pure heaven. When I first saw the event advertised, not unsurprisingly on another blog, I wasn’t sure I should spend the money. It was around $300. I wasn’t sure I […]

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