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Quick school holiday meals

Quick school holiday meals are a must during the long summer Christmas break. During the school term I’m relatively organised.  I know what we’re having for dinner in the morning, the meat’s usually defrosted by the end of the day and the meal usually contains some form of vegetables. Come school holidays my meal planning gets […]

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5 things the start of big school will teach you

I knew that big school would teach my kindergarten kid a lot, but I wasn’t prepared for the five things the start of big school would teach me. This year I became the mother of a kindergarten (Qlders read prep) kid at big school and my littlest went back to preschool.  I’ve been describing it as traumatic but as […]

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Dear mums at the park

You were looking vexed. The older lady asking if the two toddlers heading out of the park towards the carpark, clearly annoyed you. How did I know? It was the total look of disinterest, lack of reply and eye contact and laid back position on the grass that gave you away. The grass must have […]

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Birthday party for 12

Kid’s party panic

Organising, a Christmas party for 200 or a town party for 1000, no problem .  Have me organise  my own child’s fifth birthday party for 12 and I start to sweat. I’m not kidding. The Rubinator turned five recently and a Batman party was high on his agenda for a perfect birthday. Hosting it at our small abode was […]

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Dear Max, please go the **#@ to sleep

Dear Adam Mansbach, when you wrote THAT book, Go the **#@ to sleep, politely dual-released as, Seriously just go to sleep, I read it and I laughed. I try not to make profanities a part of my everyday vocab, but I laughed the laugh of a parent who has two children that go to sleep as […]

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