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Boys from Balamara return to the Capricorn Coast

Twenty-five years ago, eight year old Pete and his six year old brother Mick Ireland sailed onto the Capricorn coast with their mum, dad, four brothers and sisters on the way to Lizard Island. This week they revisited the journey on their own boat Balamara as part of a documentary Return to Lizard Island. MTV […]

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Why I’m passionate about social media and blogging

Eight years ago I came out. Yes that’s right, in 2008, at the same time as the iphone was released, I realised that I was passionate about facebook, social media and blogging. It was almost like it was fate.  As I started to write more the term ‘social media’ was coined and cool new stuff that I could write for came on […]

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Why I’m passionate about writing

One minute I was writing in a koala journal, the next I’m a freelance writer. Okay maybe there were a few years in between but it’s proof, if you practice what you’re passionate about it can become your career.  That bit never stops exciting me. Imagine that doing what you love and getting paid for […]

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