What do we love about Grandma’s house, let me count the ways….

We love Grandma’s house and for the next six months we get to live in it while they renovate our house.  We’re ten minutes from our Cooee Bay beach house but a world away from our tiny abode.

There’s a lot to like about Grandmas’ house. So many things that I can’t quite figure out what I like most.  It could be the ensuite as big as my bedroom. Is it the two living areas and doors that separate them. Or maybe it’s the four bedrooms upstairs away from the living areas, the proper backyard with a fence, the kitchen that is that isn’t tucked away in a back corner of the house where no one can be part of it.

You know what it might be the tomato bush that just keeps giving or the herbs that are actually alive. No, no it’s the fact that I can get groceries out of the car, walk into the house and not get wet. Or perhaps the fact white wall of wardrobe in every room that hides all the cr.. I mean very important things that we bought with us to save from the builders dust. Could quite possibly be the fact that all the renovations are already done. Nope, no I’ve got it. My absolute favourite thing about this house is the bathroom sized walk in wardrobe that I’m quickly filling (I have no idea where the clothes will fit when we go back home).

And the worst thing about the house??? There’s no Grandma or Poppy….come back home soon you two x