Dreamhouse Wednesday #7

We won lotto….$35

Welcome to Dreamhouse Wednesday. I found this neat and tidy little number (sorry for the wonky angle), when Max and I were driving around the foothills of Bulli, New South Wales 2516. It’s in a quiet cul-de-sac.  I think I liked it because it looked pretty new and looked like it would be easy to live in and to maintain.

If I had to guess the price in the current market down here, I’d say it sits in the high sixes to early sevens.   In Bulli, 2516, a three bedroom house has an average price of $711,000 which is pretty scary.  Bulli is considered a high interest area with more than 1000 people looking at each property on line (this compared to 400 views for most NSW properties.) according to realestate.com.au

STOP PRESS!!  Dreamhouse Wednesday is moving to Thursday, which will still leave you time to rush out and buy your powerball or lotto ticket to your dreamhouse or dreamsomething else.  It also leave the blog room to move 5 things you might have missed last week to Wednesday.

Happy dreaming everybody.

What’s your Dreamhouse or dreamsomething?  Ever won lotto?  Share it with us we’d love to know there’s hope for us all!

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